About Us

About Holistic Touch

Holistic Touch is all about taking you to that point of inner balance. Where the body meets the mind and the soul.

All creations of Holistic Touch are handmade under meditation, with love and pure intention.

Each product is created to vibrate as your daily reminder for your own journey of finding inner peace and mindful living.

Our vision is to inspire you and help you balance within.

Every piece is unique.

Enjoy and share the love.


Behind the Scenes

Owner and founder, Greek native, Christina Sahji Solomos, born in the early ’80s in Athens-Greece, daughter of a famous diamond setter & jeweler and a hatha yoga teacher it was a matter of time to combine both ‘arts’ with a twist. Creating unique malas, aromatherapy mists and yoga & meditation props, with loving intention putting all her energy and joy in every creation is what helps her balance within. Grew up in Athens and Mombasa influenced by West and East traditions and philosophy, meditating and doing yoga from her early teens.

An aromatherapist (IFPA), OSHO meditations’ facilitator and a certified Iyengar yoga teacher. Loves to meditate, dance, cook, travel and winter-swim in the Greek seas. Always feeling a warrior in heart. Passionately communicating high values of life - Truth & Love.


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